adidas Conical Stollen, Multicolor, One Size


Need some spare studs for your adidas Ace 15, X 15 or Messi 15 boots? Then make sure to pick up this 12 pack of adidas Ace 15/X 15/Messi 15 Conical 8mm + 11mm Aluminium Studs.These short adidas studs, silver in colour and made from aluminium, are optimised for soft ground boots, especially those from adidas' Ace, X and Messi collections. Within this pack of twelve studs there are:- 4 x 11mm Studs – 8 x 8mm Studs Excellent as replacements for worn studs, make sure you've always got plenty spare for the big matches by adding this 12 Pack of Ace 15/X 15/Messi 15 Conical 8mm + 11mm Aluminium Studs to your kit bag.

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